Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My First Post!

I thought I would start out by posting a few of my favorite thrift store 'gems'

Every other Saturday in Phoenix, Goodwill has everything half off. I found this Marc Jacobs Daisy 3.4 oz perfume at their last sale it was marked at $39.99 so I got it for $20! It came in this cute fabric box along with lotion and body wash. I have no idea why anyone would want to get rid it, but I am happy they did. 
Next is my crystal lamp base. I also got this at Goodwill, I think it was around $12, a little pricey but worth it. The lamp shade is too big but I love it (and have no where else to put it). It's from the Liberty of London line that was at Target. I pick it up at a very nice Goodwill in California this past summer. Thankfully it fit in the rental car trunk. Please excuse the bad picture (and the junk in the back). I have a mediocre camera and average photo taking skills.
Next up is this cute little table I got a yard sale for $5. Now this is a really bad photo, I took it with my cell phone. I will get better I promise!

So that's all I have to post right now. Like I said this is my first blog and I am hoping it will get smoother as I go along. This Saturday is the half off Saturday so fingers crossed I will have a lot of great finds to post soon.

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