Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Posting Time

I'm in the middle of an intense five week summer course and I have been picking up my couponing (finally some interesting stuff out there!) so I have been a bit busy. Oh I've also been planning a vacation! I'm so excited, planning is part of the fun for me - trying, as always, to find the best deal. So far I found a $25 motel room (in a city where all we need is a place to sleep & shower) and an amazing ocean front hotel with a fireplace & balcony for $99. There are four of us and it's always harder to find a deal for a room with two queen beds. Anyway, here are some items from my thrifty adventures...

Warhol's Marilyn print cup for 50 cents (pens!)
A kitty fishing pin also 50 cents
Set of 3 small etched mirrors for $1.50 (it also came with a cross version I gave that to my mom)
Brand new Masterworks from the Heard Museum book(s) also $1.50 (it's selling for $55 on Amazon!) and cute necklace for $1.60
I bought this Liberty of London for Target pillow for $3 - a bit high for me I was thinking of leaving it, but then I realized I considered paying full price for those pillows when they first were released. It came with the pillow insert, I threw that away.
Unfortunately disaster struck sometime during washing
Woodland pattern Pyrex mixing bowls - $3 for the larger piece and $2.40 for the smaller piece (some scraping around the rim but look how shiny!) 
Homestead pattern Pyrex only $1.50
Shenandoah (love this pattern!) Pyrex was $4
I leave you with a picture of my darling love. A bird outside caught his attention, so funny to see his hunter instincts come out. Look at those adorable little teeth! (all ready to kill)
He was like this for a full minute - so still. Agh I love him so!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's A Pyrex Life For Me

Why yes, I did watch the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie! FYI while the plot and everything was great, seeing it in 3D was hardly worth it - the movie was literally dark most of the time, I could barely see what was happening on screen. Hmm I just realized how negative this sounds, I didn't mean it to (or is it too ?).

Moving on, I managed to pull myself (partially) out of my thrift slump. I found some exciting Pyrex pieces...
This Spring Green Butter Tub was $2.99. It has a plastic lid! At first I wasn't sure if it was for the same piece, but the lid does say, Pyrex 75-PC Corning.
It was a Spring Blossom kind of day. At a different thrift I found these two small casserole dishes. The 1.5 pint was $4 and the 1 pint was $3.20.
All together now
The pattern that started my Pyrex love - Autumn Harvest. I grew up with a set of these mixing bowels. Everything was and still is cooked using those bowls
I scored this Early American divided casserole dish for only $2! 
 Pretty kitty
I felt a bit bad leaving this Golden Acorn divided casserole dish behind, but it was $7.99 I am trying to control my spending. Not that $8 would blow my invisible budget, but I am really really trying to have some self control.
The End.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Been A Pretty Slow Two Weeks

I haven't really been thrift or coupon shopping (extreme coupon show = extremely lame shelf clearing), that's why I haven't been posting much. I am just not finding anything good at Goodwill so I stop going in as much. Well, we all have our dry spells I guess or maybe I used up all my thrift karma. Well here are my few sad little items...

This little box was only 75c
I did manage to find my first...
Pyrex Fridgie! The color is a bit lighten, but it was only a dollar & I have already used it :)

I spotted this Old Orchard dish, it was only $4 + it had a holder & lid..... but I think it's ugly so it stayed at GW. I also spotted a Forest Fancies dish, another ugly Pyrex -sigh- why couldn't I have found one of the other million patterns I love?
These brightly colored pillows immediately caught my eye. I guess I could have just gotten rid of the inserts and kept the covers, but they were $5.99 each - at that price I really don't need any more pillows.
I also got some vinyl: The Worst of Jefferson Airplane, The Best of Carly Simon,  Let It Bleed - Rolling Stones, and a near perfect condition Born to Run - Springsteen (personally not my thing, but maybe I could trade it somewhere) 80c each.
I had to stop at Joann's and I scored some awesome clearance...
Spray paint for 97c each! I got canary yellow, sunset orange and pure white in gloss. I guarded that case with my life while I waited for a worker to come and open it. I also picked up some acrylic paint in green and pink for 10c.

I went to an of Montreal show Sunday. Everything was amazing, I was serenaded by Kevin Barnes. It was the most fun I've had at a show in a long time. If you get a chance to got to one of their shows - GO! You won't regret it I promise.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Reflection Of Something We're Missing

I got this mirror at GW for $14.37 back in April. I promptly gave it a make over. I am just now getting around to posting it because I disliked the color immediately. I hoped that I would grow to love it - nope. After all this time (okay, three weeks) I still don't like it. Every time I look at it I think, 'too bad it's this awful color'. Anyway, before:
And after:
This is a better picture of the actual color. It's a bit limey looking above.
It's hanging above my bed (I was afraid it was going to fall and crush my head in while I slept, so I slept the opposite direction the 1st few nights, who needs feet anyway? (FYI the reason it's there is because I have no empty wall space)) I am definitely going to repaint it sometime soon.

I thought I would keep with the frame theme and post some other frames I have picked up at thrift stores. Here at the two frames I got the same day as the giant pistachio disaster above.

Here are some other frames I have hanging around (ha ha)

These Hollywood regency-esque mirrors were $2 each and I didn't have to do a thing to them.

My version of the popular chalkboard frame in ballet slipper (originally gold). Hmm, this is the only non mirror frame it the whole bunch. I guess I am little vain : )

These two mirrors aren't identical but I got them at the same thrift. They were originally cream and dirty. I used turquoise acrylic paint.

I have a ton more thrift (picture) frames. I spray painted them all white and quickly became tired of all the white, that's why all the frames above are different colors. I think that frames are some of the best and easiest things to find at thrift stores. Even though my philosophy is to stick with the ornate, I am still overwhelmed with all the frames I have.

I forgot to mention, school went swimmingly. Only one more semester and I will be done, I cannot express the relief. It is almost over! Maybe I'll make a post of all my old careplans & writing projects for any new nursing students. I know when I 1st started I wanted to see some actual examples and couldn't find any.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Objects Of My Affection - PB&J

I don't know if it was because I only had $10 on me when I walked into Goodwill today, but I found nearly everything priced too high. For example...
This chest, while nice and in pretty good condition, was $200!? The only explanation I can think of is that they are hoping to get $100 for it on Saturday when everything is half off.
This town & country pattern Pyrex bowl was $8. I just wasn't into it for some reason. There was also this very chipped & faded solid color set of mixing bowls, the smallest piece was $6 - crazy.
I wish I had a place to put these pretty blue jars (especially the one on the right)
I ended up just getting this small but lovely apothecary jar for $1.99
and a nice polo shirt for my dad for $1 (it was dollar day)

I also made a GW stop earlier this week and found...
This pretty butterfly gold pattern Pyrex with lid. It was only $5.99.

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