Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Been A Pretty Slow Two Weeks

I haven't really been thrift or coupon shopping (extreme coupon show = extremely lame shelf clearing), that's why I haven't been posting much. I am just not finding anything good at Goodwill so I stop going in as much. Well, we all have our dry spells I guess or maybe I used up all my thrift karma. Well here are my few sad little items...

This little box was only 75c
I did manage to find my first...
Pyrex Fridgie! The color is a bit lighten, but it was only a dollar & I have already used it :)

I spotted this Old Orchard dish, it was only $4 + it had a holder & lid..... but I think it's ugly so it stayed at GW. I also spotted a Forest Fancies dish, another ugly Pyrex -sigh- why couldn't I have found one of the other million patterns I love?
These brightly colored pillows immediately caught my eye. I guess I could have just gotten rid of the inserts and kept the covers, but they were $5.99 each - at that price I really don't need any more pillows.
I also got some vinyl: The Worst of Jefferson Airplane, The Best of Carly Simon,  Let It Bleed - Rolling Stones, and a near perfect condition Born to Run - Springsteen (personally not my thing, but maybe I could trade it somewhere) 80c each.
I had to stop at Joann's and I scored some awesome clearance...
Spray paint for 97c each! I got canary yellow, sunset orange and pure white in gloss. I guarded that case with my life while I waited for a worker to come and open it. I also picked up some acrylic paint in green and pink for 10c.

I went to an of Montreal show Sunday. Everything was amazing, I was serenaded by Kevin Barnes. It was the most fun I've had at a show in a long time. If you get a chance to got to one of their shows - GO! You won't regret it I promise.


  1. I love your yellow Pyrex fridgie and the old orchard Pyrex is fantastic for just $4 and it has the lid/stand. Great find! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. great deals ~ i was especially impressed with all the paint you found!

    thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment on my gallery wall ~ i really appreciate it!

  3. oops, sorry, it was my apothecary jar! sorry for the confusion! :)

  4. Oh wow - Congrads on finding your first Pyrex fridgie. I still haven't been able to find my first one yet. I totally hear you on the extreme couponing show - as a couponer myself I'll be glad when that one goes away.

  5. Congrats on your first fridgie! Its the most exciting thing to finally find one!


    The Joyful Thrifter

  6. YAY! First fridgie!

    I was thrilled when I found my first fridgie.

    Sir Thrift-A-Lot

  7. Annabella, I know that show is so awful. I have no idea why I tivo it, I end up yelling at the TV all night. I guess I am up for train wrecks.

    Joyful & Sir I know right?! I was very excited, unfortunately that was about all I found in 5 separate thrift stops. I'm trying to be more optimistic but it's hard. What a time to start a thrift blog!

  8. The fridgie was a great find and it looks like it is in really good condition. I always love to stock up on clearance paint! Great finds. Thank you for joining TTF. Have a wonderful day!