Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Posting Time

I'm in the middle of an intense five week summer course and I have been picking up my couponing (finally some interesting stuff out there!) so I have been a bit busy. Oh I've also been planning a vacation! I'm so excited, planning is part of the fun for me - trying, as always, to find the best deal. So far I found a $25 motel room (in a city where all we need is a place to sleep & shower) and an amazing ocean front hotel with a fireplace & balcony for $99. There are four of us and it's always harder to find a deal for a room with two queen beds. Anyway, here are some items from my thrifty adventures...

Warhol's Marilyn print cup for 50 cents (pens!)
A kitty fishing pin also 50 cents
Set of 3 small etched mirrors for $1.50 (it also came with a cross version I gave that to my mom)
Brand new Masterworks from the Heard Museum book(s) also $1.50 (it's selling for $55 on Amazon!) and cute necklace for $1.60
I bought this Liberty of London for Target pillow for $3 - a bit high for me I was thinking of leaving it, but then I realized I considered paying full price for those pillows when they first were released. It came with the pillow insert, I threw that away.
Unfortunately disaster struck sometime during washing
Woodland pattern Pyrex mixing bowls - $3 for the larger piece and $2.40 for the smaller piece (some scraping around the rim but look how shiny!) 
Homestead pattern Pyrex only $1.50
Shenandoah (love this pattern!) Pyrex was $4
I leave you with a picture of my darling love. A bird outside caught his attention, so funny to see his hunter instincts come out. Look at those adorable little teeth! (all ready to kill)
He was like this for a full minute - so still. Agh I love him so!

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  1. That's a hoot - adorable teeth all ready to kill!!!! Run little birdy, run!!!
    I love all of the Pyrex and those mirrors are cute - I have two similar ones.
    Thanks for linking up to THT.

  2. Thanks for dropping by L'Heure Bleue At Home. Love the mirrors! And your cats are adorable.

  3. Thanks for finishing with the adorable face shot.
    Makes me smile and the cat on my lap likes it too.

    Wow- what great finds and you know if you do such a great job with travel deals everyone you know will be asking you to help them!

  4. Woohoo on finding the hotel room for $25.00! And the $99. room on the beach is wonderful! Great thrifting there! You found some really fun things this week! And the "bird watcher" is a cutie! Thank you for joining TTF and have a fun weekend!

  5. Your kitty is hilarious--you can almost see the anticipation of "what could be"! I love the pyrex too!

  6. Love your cat photo. My cat makes weird noises in his throat when he's looking at birds. He actually thinks he has a chance of catching them through the window. Love the Pyrex. Looks like you had a good thrifting week.

  7. I love your cup! I like the colors a lot!

  8. fabulous finds!!! Ofcourse my favorite is the Pyrex!

    The Joyful thrifter