Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quickie Makeover (That Took Me Months To Execute)

We've had this ugly plant stand in out backyard forever, It was $2 at a yard sale. I read a posting months ago about someone making a similar stand over. I've been trying to find that posting/blog so I could give credit, but now I can't find it. If you know who I copied this idea from, please let me know!

Before: a typical tiled metal stand that was banished to the back yard and collecting dirt (literally)
I picked up a 12x12 white marble tile from Home Depot for $3.99. It turned out that the top wasn't tile after all, it was plywood weird. Anyway, I used some gold spray paint (that I actually had on hand!) to paint the base (after I knocked out the plywood) and I was thinking that my beautiful white marble tile would just slip right into the groves of the stand, but nope, the corners are a bit rounded. So I added the stupid plywood back on and just put my pretty white marble tile on top (yes I am 100% in love with white marble, my absolute dream kitchen (and bathroom) would have white carrara marble :drooollll:) The tile is pretty heavy, so for now I'll live with it till I think of a solution (which will probably be never). Anyway I ended up with...
I think it's cute. It will have the glamorous job of holding up my fan.

It was 95* outside today (I think it's time to put away my down comforter) so I didn't do any thrift or yard sale stops. I did make a quick GW stop yesterday and all I found was Charlaine Harris - Dead in the Family book. I love the series and have all the books except that one, it's in great condition and was only $2.99 so I was very happy to find it.

I really liked posting about things I wanted to get but didn't, it made me feel like I actually got them or something, so here is around round...
I think this mirror could be fabulous if it was dressed up, it was $9.99  
I couldn't decide if I liked this mirror or not, but at $39.99 it was staying at GW
I really should have gotten these William Faulkner books, they were $4.99

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