Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Baskets

In my last post I talked about the Easter baskets I made as prizes for our Easter egg hunt (who says adults can't hunt for eggs?) Since most of my family and friends don't know about my blog (except my immediate family, who don't read it anyway, thanks for the support mom and dad!) I decided I could post them here without any worries. I told you how they remind me of Charlotte's bouquet of flower's for Miranda's mother so anyway here they are...

These two are my "dental" baskets they have:
Colgate Pro Clinical toothpaste (free), Reach toothbrush (free), Target floss (free) and .37c Target mouthwash. I really should have stuffed two of each item in them, but for some reason I think that would be weird.
Also I added what I think is a cute idea, I added a piece of candy and wrote "sweet tooth".
Yeah my circle cut is horrible
On the left is an Airwick Freshmatic (.24c from Target) and on the right is my "nail" basket that has, nail polish remover ($1), Rimmel nail polish (free), Revlon nail filer and cuticle clipper (both free) and Target cotton pads (.50c?)

Next is the Brita filter I got for $3 at Fry's (I saw some smaller ones on clearance for $6 at my favorite Fry's yesterday, I didn't get them, I was too lazy to come back with my q's + I don't really need them)

My "personal hygiene" basket has: Suave shampoo & conditioner (.13c each from Fry's), 3-pack Ivory soap (free from Walmart), Olay face wash (including tax was .75c from Target), big bottle of Dial lotion ($1 from Walgreens) and 2 (cause they are smallish) Suave deodorants (free from Fry's). For this "basket" I actually used a basket (from the .99c store)

And lastly the "grand prize" (aka the Charlotte basket, I may have mixed too many prints together, but I made this last so I know I would have enough supplies for everything else), the "cleaning supplies" basket that has: Windex Outdoor All-in-One (free from Walgreens), Target ammonia (.12c), Target bleach spray cleaner (.37c), Seventh Generation Dish Soap (.69c at Target), 2000 Flushes toilet thing ($1 Walgreens), Lysol Neutra Air (free from Fry's), and lastly (2) 3-pack Scotch-Brite sponges ($3 for both at Fry's, I wasn't going back to Walmart for the .34c ones). I put the items in a dish tub from the .99c store.

I got my super cute Easter tags from here, since I have a b&w laser printer, I had them printed at the UPS store in cardstock. I cut some Eastery looking paper I had in a tag shape, attached the print outs and added some glitter (yay for glitter). Close ups (IDK why they look off here, click for close ups)

I was going to use the printouts for cupcakes I am making but I found these at Dollar Tree:

I love love love this tag, I only used it on one basket, I'm keeping it for myself it's so cute. I should have added the glitter on top but I think it still works.

I used 4 Easter grasses (.33c each from Walgreens), 5 different prints of cellowrap (from different dollar stores, I saw the same prints at Joanns, Walmart, etc. maybe they had more sq. feet but I wanted variety, I will say I ended up like the simpler prints more) one ribbon ($2) from Joanns and another ribbon from the .99c store.

The End.


  1. oohh Im so glad you loved them ans used them!!
    They look Totally Adorable!

  2. Thank you for the comment and the print! I love your site~

  3. Your baskets look adorable! I'm so glad you were able to use our free printables for your tags! I might do the same.