Monday, May 2, 2011

Get Back (To Target)

I haven't been to Target in what seems like forever. I decided to jump back in the game today so I could catch the 90% off Easter clearance (and the John Frieda deal, I don't dye my hair, but I know plenty of people who do). I didn't find much - nothing compared to the Valentines run I had but all in all pretty good. 

1st Stop
(4) Kandoo wipes .49c each
(2) Lysol wipes .39c each
Aveeno lotion -.01c (I didn't know about the $10GC on sunscreen until I got home. I thought it was $5)
(2) Ivory 3-pack soap -.05c each
TRESemme conditioner & hairspray $2.24 (only 30% off - I didn't want to wait)
(2) John Frieda foam hair dye -.51c each (factoring in gift card)

(17) Reese & M&M eggs @ .19c each (I opened one and the candy's are so small, they should have made the egg half the size)
(2) M&M people & yellow tin .19c each
Hershey kiss .19c
Pez .39c
(3) Glitter & (1) Tie-dye egg coloring kit .19c each
Rachel Hale egg coloring kit .29c
Cars plastic favor holder .24c
(2) Bug books .25c each
(2) Butterfly felt pails .25c each
+ another item for .62c

My subtotal was $14.26 + I got a $5GC. According to the receipt I saved $80.86

I spotted...
Sign said 50% but they were tagged at 75%
2nd Stop
(4) Ivory 3-pack soap -.05c each
(2) Reach floss -.03c each
Suave Dry Shampoo free (received in mail)
(2) John Frieda foam hair dyes -.51c each (factoring in gift card)
(4) 24 count Crayola Twistables Crayons .49c each
(2) Chocolate bunnies .38c each
Beautiful cupcake paper @ .19c (I actually bought one of these full price, well I used Zyrtec overage - hmm I guess I have been visiting Target. They were small boring trips)
Edible grass .19c (for cupcakes! I should have also bought jelly beans so I could make nests)
(2) Skittles tins .19c each
Plaster eggs .49c
+ another item for $1.64

Subtotal was $8.90, used GC from 1st stop to pay $5.86 total out of pocket. I got another $5 GC. Receipt says I saved $67.57.

I'm planning to do another Freida deal, I just have to get word on which color to get. Valentines one store didn't have the 90% off posted so I got a bunch of awesome deals, hopefully that will happen again (I got off to a late start on that too, I just hate going and having things ring up as 75%). Well it was fun for me to get back into the Q game. I should say, back to studying, but who am I kidding? Back to just hanging around.

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