Saturday, March 26, 2011

Before They Expire...

1 cute Circo rainbow tunic $2.50 down from $10, used -1TQ
C9 pants $4.98 down from $19.99, used -2.50TQ
Up & up bleach spray $1.37, used -1TQ
7th Generation spray $2.99, used -1 TQ & -1MQ
7th Generation dish soap (I love this soap now) $2.69, used -1 TQ & -1MQ
Spongebob Valentines sillybands .50 (I know at 90% they are suppose to be .29, but the cashier came down from $1, I felt bad so agreed, how weird that they still had it.)
(2) Orbits $1.98 for both, used BOGO and (2) -.75TQ (cashier didn't give me overage)
Ibuprofen .99 used -1TQ
Excedrin $3.49, used -3TQ & -1MQ
Cherry chapstick four pack, $2.08 (I've seen q's on this, got it anyway, I use this everyday)
Crayola model magic $1.28
Crayola chalk maker $3.78
Scrapbook Kit, black dot- I thought it was $1, but it was $2.50 didn't know till after check out opps, .62
Subtotal was $14.02, with tax $15.51

Walgreens (I swear I can't pass wags without stopping)
(8) Snickers Easter Candy $2.32 (why didn't I just get 7?), -2MQ
(2) Rimmel Nail polish @ $1.99 each (they are 1/2), -2MQ (2)
Subtotal was .30, with tax .72, saved 13.71

So after I took this picture I was packing up the Circo tunic for my cousin, C, and I discovered a weird stain on the back, no wonder it made it down to 75% off, I ripped off the UPC code since it is a gift, now I'm not sure if I should try to return it (will they think I made the stain?) or just wash it and give it to her?

I'm not really sure of how to post my prices and q's, I did way more coupon info and it took forever. I guess it's back to specific item prices and then my subtotal with no q info.

Today was the 1/2 everything day at Goodwill, I made it into a total of one GW (my record is 5 8-} I know) and I didn't go till 8pm, I will post that later. I'm having crazy luck finding perfumes.

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