Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Went Off On A Few Tangents...

Even though I had an exam today I managed to squeeze in some shopping : )

First stop during lunch break @ Walgreens:
(14) Snickers eggs
Rimmel nail polish
Photo Stamps on clearance for $4.99! this comes with a certificate for 20 stamps, now the box has examples of the stamps worth .42 so maybe I have to throw in .2 but even at .42 that's $8.40 worth of stamps! plus I get to add my own (cute) pictures, which apparently is worth $19.99 (original price). I just placed my ordered they are for .44 stamps/$8.80 value + priceless cuteness.
 Total: $5.04 with tax: $5.75

After the exam stopped in at Walmart:
Ravoc batteries
Ivory 3 pack bar soap
Gain fabric softer sheet
Febreeze flameless candle, they were doing inventory, I found a maybe 4 of the Halloween scent, it wasn't ringing up the cashier wanted to give me half off the original price of $14.97, but I quickly offered $5, I have one already that I got at Wags for free + overage, but I figured for a dollar... oh plus the green tea citrus yuck, though I did pick up some willow blossom refills for .50
Subtotal: $1.06 with tax: $2.02
Now I don't think that was the greatest Walmart trip, I was also looking for the trial Purex sheets and the small Purina One boxes. Maybe that's why I have been going to Walgreens a lot lately, the store is small, you find (or don't find) what you are looking for and then you are out of there. Oh and the cashier wouldn't let me use a Revlon Wags CAT. Oh well didn't fight it.

2nd Walgreens stop:
(7) Snickers eggs
Revlon tweezers
Subtotal .52 with tax: .80 and I got another CAT for Revlon

And lastly Target:
(2) Purex crystals
Reese drops
Hershey drops
(2) Visine eye drops
Now this Target always always always gives me some sort of trouble, I was sizing up the 2 older female cashiers while I hid in the jewelry section, I decided to bite the bullet and just check out. I got the nicest cashier. She said, 'Wow are you going to end up getting these for free?' So great I wish I got her name so I could send her a compliment.
and I had an Elf waterproof eyeliner pen (I didn't want my total to be under $1, I was trying to wort off any trouble). Now let me just say I am not a fan of drugstore makeup, when they are available for a few cents I try to get nail polish or makeup remover. But these $1 eyeliners are the best! I love felt tip eyeliners, I've tried everything from $27 NARS to $17 MAC felt eyeliners, but let me tell you these are great. They don't dry out as fast, they go on pretty dark and they are $1! (But the absolute best was the from the Very Sexy line Victoria's Secret had out a long time ago, when they stopped making them that's when my search started, geez that was great liner :tear: I seriously just took a breath)
Oh so anyway, subtotal $2.24 with tax: $3.15

Total for the day: $11.72

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