Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodwill Stop

This is what I found Saturday at the 1/2 off day...
It's not as yellow looking. 
I got the Chloe roll on for $1.50, it's going for $25 at Sephora. I'm really into floral scents, so this is lovely. I don't remember how much the plates and sugar dishes were. I also picked up a small mirror and a brand new cupcake print gift bag. Sorry I lost the pictures for those and I'm too lazy to take them again. 

Every Thursday the Goodwills here in Phoenix have certain items for a dollar. I went into day and bought these two items (unfortunately not $1)
I bought the good condition NCLEX book for $3.99 and the pretty white container for $1.99. The cheapest price on Amazon for the NCLEX book is $34.

Now, there are many things I've seen at thrift shops that I liked and for what ever reason I didn't purchase. I thought I would post some of those items here. This 1st thing something I still regret not buying. This was a few months ago, the other pictures are from today (FYI these picture are taken with my camera phone)
I knew as soon as I saw this that it was designer, sure enough it was Cynthia Rowley. I stared at it forever. It was in really good condition no weird stains inside, no wear etc. It was $8.99, I decided that I couldn't pull it off, for those two reasons I left it. I wish I hadn't, to this day it's still on my phone. 
King sized head & foot board (the one in the back) it was priced at $99.99, with the 20% off coupon it would be $80. Super price for a king.
A pair of lamps, they were $12.99 each.
I could see this cute pretty blue cup holding some pens, priced at $1.99.
I put these together for the picture, aren't they cute?
I know every thrift blog has to have some Pyrex, I've never seen anything like this before, it was $3.99.

The End.

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  1. Wow I going to your Good Will .........great stuff!
    And that bag......sorry should have gotten it!

  2. Aw you're my 1st commenter ever! Thanks :)

  3. Love the plates.. great finds.. I just let something go also.. I went back to get a buffet w/ thick wicker baskets and a metal french provential frame.. for 59 bucks.. of course it was gone.. sick.

  4. I know it's awful! Thanks so much for commenting.

  5. Love those yellow dishes and yes that king bed was a steal at $80. Thanks for linking up at NTT...please be sure to post my party button or blog name with a link back to me...thank you:)


  6. Thanks I got the dishes for my sister, but the sugar bowl is mine :P

    Oh and I did link up (sorry I'm new to this)

  7. The yellow dishes are awesome. Yellow is a hard color to find. I finally found a vintage set recently and plan to do a tablescape with them soon. Congrats on finding the book so cheap! I bet you were excited to stumble across it! Yup, that purse is awesome. But, the price tag of $8.99 is right there at us thrifters "hum, kinda high but......" zone! LOL
    Thank you for linking up and joining me for TTF! I hope you are having a great day!