Thursday, April 7, 2011

Everyone Gets Stuck On Titles

I must warn you, I went out of town this weekend to visit family and left my camera. So these pictures are taken with my phone, I'm trying to find my old camera, hopefully I'll have it by this weekend for my Goodwill trips. Anyway, here we go:

Fry's, this was my 1st stop, so no groceries/perishables.
(4) Comet
(4) Lysol Neutra Air
(4) 2-pack of Olay Bar Soap
Brita Water Filter
One Pepsi Max (I had a coupon - omg was this awful, I'll stick with Coke Zero)
Total with tax: $6.33 according to the receipt I save 91% or 45.06


1st Transaction:
(2) Olay Sensitive Face Wash
Total with tax: $6.45 and got a $5 gift card
2nd Transaction:
(4) Airwick Freshmatic (I could have saved the Q's for CVS next week, but I want these)
(4) Venus Embrace razor
(4) Eveready AA batteries (I thought 2 were AAA but they were "gold" versions)
Gilligan & O'Malley sleep shirt (I found a crumpled CAT for 15% off)
Liz Lange Sweater (don't ask me why I bought this, I'm not pregnant, but it was $1.98)
Total with tax and $5 GC from 1st transaction: $5.52

(2) Hill's Science Diet Cat Food
(6) Hill's Science Diet 3oz. Entree
20lb. ExquisiCat Fresh Scent Premium Clay litter (not pictured it's big & kinda ugly)
Total with tax: $7.23 (I didn't have the $5 off coupon boo)

2nd Target (I wasn't planning this but hey, why not?)
1st Transaction:
(2) Olay Facial Wipes (I would rather have this than the cleanser I got above, but it was wiped out at the other store)
Total with tax: $6.43 and got a $5 gift card
2nd Transaction:
(2) Diet Pepsi Skinny 4-packs (wasn't I just complaining about Pepsi?!)
(2) People magazines (both with Reese, I couldn't find anything else)
Kandoo Wipes
Venus Embrace razor
Scotch scissor (this was a re-package item $1.41, thankfully I had my $1 Q with me)
Dove Men+Care bodywash (I have 3 more MQ's but only 1 TQ with me :sad:)
Total with tax: $3.31, used GC from above, so $0 OOP + I have $1.69 remaining on the card.

Total for the day: $31.96 eep kinda high, but most of it was tax, plus I got good food for my babies :)

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