Friday, April 15, 2011

Free Is Better

I can't wait till Easter! I have been running around trying to get everything ready and scoring some free stuff at Fry's and Walmart.

(28) Libby's canned vegetables @ .25 each
(2) Ziploc Versa Glass containers for $1 each
(10) Purina One Beyond cat food boxes for free (booklet -2 MQ + TQ did 2 boxes per transaction)
(20) Dial hand soap for free
(3) Colgate toothpaste for free (lame cashier wouldn't give me measly .21c overage)
(4) Suave deodorants for free (using in Easter packs)
I also got
(4) Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables for free
(4) Farmer John bacon @ .50 each
(2) 1 dozen eggs also .50 each
 and a bunch of Cadbury and Reeses Eggs also for free (Circle K tearpad MQ)

(4) Similac formula at -$1.18 each (for my cousin C)
(4) Purex 3-in-1 trial sheets -.03 each (I finally found! it has a $1q but it's not valid on travel size)

Of course, I didn't do the Fry's stuff all at one store. Thankfully, I have 12 Fry's in a 5 mile radius (crazy huh?) so not a lot of driving, thank god it's flipping hot outside. I'm don't usually pay for coupons (I get an average of 4 newspapers each week for free that's enough for me) but we go through a lot of hand soap so I decided to buy some of the Dial .35/1 coupons on Ebay, it was $3.49 total but I used my Groupon credit thing so it was even less.

Everything else I got was Easter related. I finished up my Easter prize packs (or should I call them gift baskets? they aren't in baskets though). You know that part in Sex in the City when Charlotte ends up with that gigantic gaudy flower arrangement for Miranda's mom? They kinda remind me of that. I'll post them later you be the judge.

Hopefully tomorrow I won't be lazy and will go to a few thrift stores and/or yard sales.

PS I made some minor changes to the blog, I now have tags OooOo fancy, I know.

PSS sorry for the awful blurry flash pictures above, this is what I had to deal with when I was trying to take them and while I was making the baskets

It pretty much went down like this minus the internet part.

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