Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's Hard To Photograph A Rainstick

I am obsessed with Rachel Ashwell's Target line Simply Shabby Chic. I have it all over my bedroom. I went into Goodwill (GW) Tuesday and found 2 window panels in the rosalie print. They were priced at $4.99 each, luckily it was senior day (25% off), even luckier I was with my dad so I could get in on the discount. I got both for $7.48.
See my duvet? I am obsessed.
They both are in like new condition, they don't have the worn in/soft/mushy feeling you sometimes see in thrift store linen. I think they were donated because they had that pink tinge that happens when you wash something light with something red or pink. I added Tide stain release booster thing in the wash (that I got on clearance at Target for 48c, this isn't an advertisement but hey it worked) and it came right out.

Moving on to GW 1/2 off Saturday...
That lovely frame my curtains are sitting on? It's a mirror I got today for $3. It's not an antique or anything, it came from Ross and was $9.99. I also found an awesome rainstick (the kitties are terrified of it) it's 29" long and was $2 (there are a few jokes in there somewhere).
Next Photo (even more SSC): a gold frame (.50c), Eaton's crystal sheer stationary ($1 I'm not super into vintage paper goods, but the paper and matching envelopes are very cute) and a Gone With The Wind plate (this is my absolute favorite movie, I was excited to find this even though I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with it, was $1.50)
A brand new black photo album ($2.50), The Psychedelic Furs LP (.50c), Siouxsie and the Banshees- Twice Upon A Time CD ($3 I didn't notice it was this high), Disney Cars DVD (came with a regular CD case $1.50, gave it to my cousin that doesn't use cases anyway), and a Pottery Barn mail organizer thing (good condition, just needs a few paint touch ups, $3)
And lastly, some practical stuff: green accordion file ($1), baseball card protecting sheets (I don't have a q binder, I'm planning to stick with the accordion method, but maybe I'll try it out, $1.50), 2 pantry shelf things ($1 each), brand new Bath & Body Works socks ($1), scissor, tape, and stapler (all 3 for $1, again kinda high) and lastly a LP album frame (not pictured, cost me $1.50)
I've been blogging for almost three weeks now, it is a lot more work then I expected. Especially trying to get a decent shot of the things I buy (I'm not patient enough to photograph my finds separately and showcase their specialness, btw I got my camera back), but it's been great. I had 3 people actually comment on a post, I couldn't believe it. Even more unbelievable, I actually have a follower (yes, meaning one). Anyway thank you for reading my post!


  1. Great deal on the window panels. Such a pretty pattern. How funny the cat is scared of the rainmaker!

  2. Wow! You got lots of good deals. I love the curtain panels. I like that design too.

    I'm your latest follower. Would love you to visit and follow my blog too if you wish. Have a great week. Again, Great finds!!!

  3. U did luck out for sure on the Rosalie curtain panels! I have that same print on my french doors and in the dining room...........Im obsessed aswell.......Bonnie

  4. Thanks everyone for commenting, yep I love my panels. I think I can spot any RAshwell item a mile away lol, it's why I look in the linen department.