Monday, April 11, 2011

Maybe I Am A Little Out There Because...

I went to 4 Walgreens and 1 CVS, did 2 transactions at each & ended up with...
(3) Biore cleansers (I only like the blemish fighting ice cleanser, of course I could only find 2)
(7) Biore strips (ultra version is worth it, even if it means 2 less than the regular version)
(4) Luster White 7 Toothpaste
(4) Carefree liners
(4) Kettle chips
(5) Easter pencils
(4) Easter grass                         
(7) Snickers Egg (not pictured. I was planning on using these as a filler, only found them at one store, it kinda messed up my totals)
Glue (.25c clearance filler)
Vinyl gloves ($1.39 sale, not $1.50 clearance boo, oh well filler that I need)
(2) 20oz. Coke Zeros (for my aunt and I, plus needed a filler)
.99 c bag of chips for my aunt
(4) Airwick kit (my next yard sale can't come soon enough I have so many)
Super Miracle Bubbles
RS chocolate bunny (not pictured, I needed this. I went to a different CVS, never again - so awful, this week all 4 of my Walgreens cashiers were good, CVS really let me down, I was surprised)

Walgreens Subtotal: $9.46 with tax total OOP: $16.74 plus I have a $5RR
CVS tax included total: $6.39 plus $7.73 in ECB
add in the Biore q's I paid $1.44, for an OOP total of $24.57 (I really don't like adding my next purchase off coupons to my savings because then I feel I'll add them to my savings twice, but if I did :) it would be $11.84)

I planning on making some prize packs for my family's Easter egg hunt, they will definitely have their fill of Airwicks and toothpaste. I just need to find something cute to wrap them in.

I am doing lots of shopping (is that so terrible?) I already have my next post planned out - just need to take the pictures.

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